What are the best kitchen appliances for the money?

Kitchen appliances are one of the most important investments you’ll make, so getting the best for your money is key. But all too often, your dishwasher, refrigerator, and range go unnoticed until there’s an issue. Doing your research before that happens and being proactive in your appliance purchases can help you avoid that potential money pit.

best kitchen appliances to have

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Here are the best kitchen appliances for the money:

Kitchen AppliancesModels
Best Ranges for the MoneyGE 30″ Freestanding Gas Range
Frigidaire Gallery Range
Best Refrigerator for the MoneySamsung Mount Top Refrigerator
Blomberg Refrigerator
Best Dishwashers for the MoneyBosch 300 Series Built-In Dishwasher
Kenmore Dishwasher

Shopping for quality kitchen appliances is a challenge and, no doubt, overwhelming. You can spend a little and have to replace your appliances frequently, or you can choose quality appliances that don’t break the bank.

Sounds overwhelming, right?

It doesn’t have to be. Keep reading for the best kitchen appliances for the money.

Best Ranges for the Money

Ranges play an important role in the kitchen. This will be your main source of heat and where you do the majority of your cooking. Naturally, you’ll want to choose a range that fits your cooking style and gives you the most bang for your buck. Here we have the best gas and electric range for your money.


Gas Range: GE 30″ Freestanding Gas Range with Center Oval Burner and Griddle 

General Electric is a well-known brand that continuously manufactures great appliances. This oven created is great for people who love to cook big meals- it has five cubic feet of cooking space.

The downside here is that you no longer have an excuse not to host Thanksgiving dinner. You have plenty of room to cook the turkey and all the sides.

Heat can escape through the gas burners with this type of stove, but GE prevents this from being an issue with a tight seal between the oven and stove. This also enables the heat to be more evenly distributed within the oven itself.

The oven also has a steam, clean setting. This is a perfect self-cleaning method for any busy homeowners who don’t have time to get down on their hands and knees to scrub the oven. The steam clean feature will use rising temperatures to kill any germs while breaking down any food that was left in the oven. This makes for a much easier cleanup operation.

You don’t have to worry about smelling that cheese stuck to the bottom of the oven from last month’s pizza. The steam clean feature will take care of it.

Electric Range: Frigidaire Gallery FGEF3035RF Range

Just about anything that is manufactured by Frigidaire is going to be of high quality. Frigidaire prides itself on creating reliable appliances that are easy to use. This oven has all of the important amenities of a range while being very user friendly.

This electric range has… well, range. It performs consistently well across the board, from the highest setting to the lowest. The high power setting boils water within minutes, and the low power setting is great for anything that needs slow, gentle heat, like melting chocolate.

Not only is the stove top-notch, but the oven is also too. Evenly dispersed heat distribution makes it so that there is an even browning around anything that is baked inside. In addition to this, there is a great oven capacity with six oven rack positions.

Best Refrigerators for The Money

Walking into an appliance showroom and perusing the refrigerators is incredibly overwhelming. The sheer number of fridges to look at is exhausting. Do you want a side-by-side freeze and fridge combo? Are drawers important? What about an ice and water dispenser? The options are endless. Let us help you narrow down your choices.

Samsung Mount Top Refrigerator

This refrigerator has 21.1 cubic feet of storage and is built to last. This Samsung model is equipped with efficient LED lighting, making it nice and easy to find a midnight snack in the dark.

The patented cooling system in the refrigerator keeps the interior humidity stable, and in turn, will keep your food fresh. It also and helps to prevent freezer burn. Both the fridge and freezer work hard to make sur your food lasts as long as it should, reducing the amount of wasted food.

Samsung has also mastered the art of power efficiency, so your bank account will be happy with improving your electric bills.

Blomberg BRFT1622SS Refrigerator

Even though this refrigerator is big, it’s also energy efficient. That feature makes this product very attractive for someone who is trying to save some energy while at the same time trying to maximize storage in their refrigerator.

This refrigerator comes at an affordable cost, with luxury features like touchpad thermostat control. The simplicity of the design allows for a versatile appearance that looks good in any kitchen, without anyone knowing it didn’t cost a fortune.

Best Dishwashers for The Money

Don’t be a hero- trying to live without a dishwasher is just a way to punish yourself. A quality dishwasher is an essential part of your kitchen. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for a big sale to find an affordable option that looks great in your kitchen.

Bosch SHS863WD6N 300 Series Built-in Dishwasher 

If the noise level is a concern, Bosch has you covered. This is one of the quietest dishwashers available. There’s also a quick cycle so that you can have clean dishes in under an hour.

However, if you want to save energy and don’t need to have your dishes done fast, you can opt to use the regular cycle. It takes longer, but it’s the green way to go.

The Bosch model also has a sleek design, so it works well in any kitchen. The front of the dishwasher is easy to clean, so it stays looking great while working great.

Kenmore 14573 Dishwasher

This dishwasher is also one of the more quiet ones available. But it also does a fabulous job of cleaning your dishes without too much wear and tear. Dishes come out clean, without damage.

The controls on this dishwasher are hidden, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. Hidden controls are ideal for anyone that has littles in the house that enjoy pushing buttons. Also, the easy to clean front door is a major plus.

The appearance on the outside makes this dishwasher appear to be a luxury appliance. The price tag says otherwise. Kenmore brand dishwashers also earn bonus points for being easy to find and frequently on sale. Not to mention, they come with great service plans.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are buying kitchen appliances for the first time or giving your kitchen the upgrade it deserves, looking for kitchen appliances can be stressful. This stress is largely created by the large price range in kitchen appliances. It is hard to tell whether or not you are getting your money’s worth.

Before deciding to make a large purchase like a kitchen appliance, it is always necessary to conduct a little research. A great way to do this is to check out the online reviews that are posted online and also speaking directly with employees of the appliance stores. This will help you to feel more confident in your purchases.

It is always important to recognize that when it comes to kitchen appliances, more money does not necessarily mean better performance. All of the appliances that are mentioned above are great products and are relatively affordable when compared to other leading appliances on the market.

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